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Welcome to

Wheaton Prairie Danes

About Our Breeding Program

We are a small hobby breeder of AKC registered Great Danes in Chippewa Falls, WI.

We breed for health, temperament, conformation and longevity.  All our danes live indoors and are treated like family.  They are members of our family first and foremost.  Our puppies are whelped in our home by myself and my family until they are ready to go their new homes at 8 weeks old.  Our puppies will only be sold to homes where they will be treated like family members and live indoors.


Photo of Lucy sitting on hardwood floor in front of brick wall


Maggie is a fawn with double masking and carries blue.  She measures 32” inches tall and is 120 lbs.  She is roughly 11% European.  She is my diva girl and will let you know what she thinks.  If she must lay on the floor, she would prefer to sleep by herself in a bed somewhere.  She loves my husband and any other males she meets.



Andrea is a blue brindle double masking.  She measures 32” inches tall and is 115 lbs.  She is roughly 13% European.  She is shy until she gets to know you then she is your best friend.  She tells you when she is ready for bed and sleeps with my daughter every night.



Lucy is a blue fawn with double masking and carries tan point.  She measures 31.5” inches tall and is 115 lbs.  She is 25% European.  She is a lover and wants nothing more than to cuddle and play with everyone.



Negan is a black brindle point with single masking and carries blue.  He measures 35” inches tall and is 150 lbs.  He is 25% European.  He loves to lay on top of you and not next to you.  He loves everyone and thinks everyone is his friend.  If he isn’t laying on you, he wants you to hold his paw. 



Morgan is a blue harlequin that carries tan point.  He may also carry mantle and pie as well.  He is 68% European.  His father was a direct import from France.  He measures 36” inches tall and is 160 lbs but is not done growing yet.  He is my up and coming future stud.  We can’t wait to see what he matures into.  He loves everyone and continually lets the puppies out to play with them.  He prefers to lay on the other end of the couch and not next to you. 

NOTE: We test for eyes, heart, hips and thyroid.
Option 1:  $1600 ($800 upfront, $800 due at two weeks)
Option 2:  $1000 (Third pick of litter, $500 upfront, $500 due at two weeks, pick made at two weeks old)
Option 3:  First pick of litter made at four weeks old.
We may be adding females and/or males in the future.  This may be offspring from our own dogs, or possibly adding different colors and lineage from other outside breeders as our own dogs retire.  We’re not sure what the future may hold, but we do know we will only breed dogs of the right quality, temperament and health.

All Of Our Puppies

Come With:

♥ Dew claws removed

♥ Prepaid microchip

♥ Dewormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old

♥ Up to date on age appropriate vaccines

♥ Lifetime breeder support

♥ Return contract

♥ Spay/Neuter contract

♥ 24-month genetic health guarantee

♥ Puppy pack when going home including toys, blanket with mom’s scent on it, current food they are on, information on health issues, general Great Dane info, medical records and copy of signed contract

♥ All puppies are raised indoors with our other pets

♥ Socialized with children and adults of all ages

♥ Started on crate and potty training

And of course, all puppies are trained with the Puppy Culture program and pre spoiled!

Puppy Application

Puppy Contract


Have questions? We have answers!

If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us. We’re happy to answer them!

How do I get on the waiting list?

The best way is to make a deposit after approved application. Deposit is either $300 or $500 depending on the litter.  Deposits are not refundable but are transferable between litters.  

How do we transport the puppy?

Flights are always an option but because great dane puppies are usually the maximum weight restriction at eight weeks old they have to fly in cargo.  Heat and cold weather are always a concern.  Cost of transportation and kennel will be at the cost of the buyer.

My preferred method of transport is ground transportation.  Commercial companies do provide but they generally transport many dogs at once.  And the puppies can be on that transport for days.
Our preferred method is for each person to actually pick up their own puppy or meet half way between destinations (for the cost of fuel).  That way they are not as stressed and have minimal exposure to other animals.
What is your return policy?

We are very involved with our puppies and that included making sure they are cared for and they dont end up in a shelter.  If at any time you cant care for your puppy/dog we must be contacted.  We have a strict return policy that help ensure our puppies dont end up in a shelter or abandoned.  

What happens to my deposit?

What you place for deposit comes off of the price of the puppy.

Can Wheaton Prairie Danes do transport?

Yes, we can on most occasions do transport ourselves.  Or I send a family member I trust to do it.  We just ask for fuel money and a small fee for our time.  Each transport is priced individually and we only quote price after we have an approved application.  As setting up transport is very time consuming.

What is your puppy purchase process?
Each person is required to fill out an application.  After I review it, I will call or reach out to you with any questions either of us may have.  It is best for you to review a copy of the contract just to make sure you are agreeable to the terms.  At that time, if you choose to, you can place a deposit through Paypals friends and family.  After I receive the deposit, you are added to my waiting list.  At around two weeks old you are allowed to pick which puppy you would like.  Then each week I will update with new weights and pictures.
Remainder of the price is due in cash at pick up or when we meet.
Can I make payments?

We will take payment but only up to the date of eight weeks old.  At that time the puppy needs to be paid in full.

What happens if I have questions or concerns after I buy puppy?

We offer lifetime breeder support so if you ever have any questions, comments or concerns, we are here for you either by phone, text or email.

What puppies or future breedings are available?

For the most up-to-date information, visit our Facebook page as that is updated regularly.

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